Welcome to the About page! 

My name is Monte and I’m a college student studying to get an Associate of Arts degree at my local community college. I primarily started this blog to use as an outlet to voice my opinions on various subjects related to pop culture and feminism and the intersection of the two since I’ve been unable to find many outlets that allow me to fully express my ideas beyond a comments section.

So, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Monte, just what is it exactly that you write about?”

That’s a good question……….

I talk about a range of topics when it comes to media representation, especially when it comes to race, but I also talk about sexuality and gender representation as well. Books and movies are my go-to’s since those are the two entertainment mediums that I consume the most of. As an aspiring writer, I feel that listening to and participating in conversations about diversity will help me better understand my craft and what it is specifically that I want to bring to the table with my writings.

In the in-between time I also talk about my hobbies including recapping & reviewing anime and web series that I’m watching, talking about all things Disney, and writing short fiction.

Basically, if there’s a piece of fiction out there, odds are I’m watching it or writing about it.

And that’s pretty much it. I may occasionally update with info about my life and school projects, but for now you get my infrequently updated opinions about stuff.

Prepare yourselves…