September 2018 Links

Hey, peeps! I’m doing that cliche thing that bloggers do at the end of every month and sharing links for the stuff I liked in September (because cliches aren’t always bad).


[Cut Comparison] Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) | Dead Meat

In this new series from horror enthusiast YouTube channel Dead Meat, James compares different cuts from movies he covers on the Kill Count and offers commentary on those differences such as how much a cut provides clarity, characterization, or interesting visuals to a story. This first episode is a comparison between the theatrical and producers cut of The Curse of Michael Myers.

The Problem with Cinematic Universes | Bobby Burns

Movie lover and short film director Bobby Burns pretty much says what we’re all feeling at this point with regards to cinematic universes becoming boring, homogeneous time-wasters with no stakes, but where it seems like every other movie channel woke up to that this year, he said it in 2016.

Issa Hell No RANT (Pt. 1 & 2) | Sensei Aishitemasu

The good sis Seren throws her two cents in on the conversation around Cynthia Erivo being cast to play Harriet Tubman in an upcoming biopic and all the reasons why it’s inappropriate. She also has some thoughts about “second-wave Pan-Africanism” and how we move forward from the ideas and ideals of the past.


22 Black Owned Alternatives to H&M | Shoppe Black

“Another day, another episode of corporate disrespect. This time from H&M who thought it would ok to use an ad showing a young Black boy wearing a sweatshirt saying ‘Coolest Monkey In The Jungle’”.

“It shouldn’t take something like this to remind us that there are MANY other Black owned fashion brands that make casual wear and that actually appreciate your money. Here are some:”

How to Raise Boys and Girls to Reject Sexist Stereotypes | Offspring

“I knew even before I had a daughter that I was going to raise her to laugh in the face of sexist stereotypes, to be whoever she wanted to be and to do her part in keeping the world safe for others to do the same. And then we got the ultrasound and it turned out I was having a boy.

But fighting sexist attitudes isn’t just a girl thing: it’s something we all have to do to make our world a good place to live. This piece from the New York Times is a mini instruction manual on how to do that. It’s especially important for boys to avoid developing an unhealthy addiction to the power and privilege that can come with the territory of being a dude. But as long as that power structure is in place, guys are in an especially good position to educate or intervene when their guy friends are about to do something cruel, stupid, or inadvertently biased.”

The Bechdel Test, and Other Media Representation Tests, Explained | Lifehacker

“Bechdel’s test, popularized in her comic Dykes to Watch Out For, was never intended to wholly define a film as ‘feminist’ or ‘sexist.’ After all, ‘Baby Got Back’ passes it. Bechdel invented the test with her friend Liz Wallace to set a low bar that many Hollywood movies still can’t clear. As a character puts it in the comic, ‘Last movie I was able to see was Alien.’”

“Setting that low bar has many valid uses, which is why it’s so popular. For one, as the A.V. Club’s Caroline Siede points out, it raises basic awareness of the massive gender disparity in media: Very few movies would fail a reverse Bechdel test for men.”

Clarkisha Explains: On the Ridiculous Lengths White People Go to Avoid Saying The Word ‘Black’ | IntoMore

The latest example of this is when Chloë Grace Moretz was asked about the film The Miseducation of Cameron Post and its director, Desiree Akhavan, and her excitement about the film. I’ll cut her some slight slack in that she explains she is excited about the film because it is diving into other queer experiences that aren’t White and especially approaches the issue of conversion therapy from a non-White perspective.

This is important. It is important to point out that queer stories tend to cater to cis White gay men or and frankly no one else at all.

Where she loses me, however, is when she goes to great lengths to avoid mentioning that Akhavan is Iranian and instead calls her “a bisexual woman of diversity.” Not a bisexual woman of color (which, in my opinion, still skirts around her Iranian-American ID, but hey). “

Clarkisha Explains: Why All of Your James Gunn Think Pieces Can Kick Rocks | IntoMore

“Everybody who has charged themselves with defending James Gunn has quite frankly lost their goddamn minds.

And are definitely doing the opposite of minding their business.

How did we get here? I’m not sure, and I definitely didn’t want to be writing my own James Gunn anti-thinkpiece thinkpiece but alas. We can’t always get what we want. The journey here was blurry, but it all has to do with White men assuming it’s their right to say shitty things.”

There you are, most of the new, interesting stuff I saw in September. Keep in mind not everything was published this year, I just happened to find them recently. I probably won’t do this sort of thing every month, but if I find some more fun stuff and I might share. Peace!!!


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