Life Update #002


I have returned motherfuckers!!! Can’t really say that I’m better than ever, but I certainly am back.

I’ve been working on some fun stuff for the past few months, and now with summer here at last I finally have some free time to tell y’all about all the shenanigans I’ve been up to. So, let us get into it…

1NE.) Fan Projects Galore

I’ve been working on fanfics for two other MHA fan zine projects. One is the BNHA Halloween Big Bang (not to be confused with the BNHA Hallowzine). It’s a big bang mostly themed around the paranormal, not necessarily the holiday – which is a bit misleading, but no one ever accused the BNHA/MHA fandom of being creative. Summaries are supposed to go up today around 4 pm, and I really hope that I get a good artist for my piece.

The other zine I’m in is the Big Threesome Zine. It’s not what it sounds like: it’s a zine dedicated to the Big Three of U.A. Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki, and Nejire Hadou, and fics can feature them in platonic or romantic relationships. There was already a zine called the Big Three Zine, so you know there wasn’t much to work with, lol. The deadline for that is coming up soon, so I should probably get back to that WIP before that gets here.

2WO.) Indie Zines & Stuff

While I’ve been working on all that fandom stuff, I’ve also been submitting some things to some indie zines and other online publications. I’ve had a decent amount of success in these endeavors (when I make the deadlines).

Most recently I was accepted as a contributor for this zine called Sapphic. As the title suggests, it’s a zine centered around the perspectives of queer women. It’s a hand-made project made by a woman named Ellen Welsh (@ellenwelshart). There are no prescribed topics, it’s typically left up to us to submit pieces on any manner of subjects. My piece is about representation of bisexuality in fiction. I’m really proud of it and it would be nice if you all would buy the zine when it comes out. It will be available on Ellen’s Etsy shop LetterToAnIsland. I don’t yet know when the zine will be published since the zines are hand made and take a lot of time, but Sapphic #3 will also be available in PDF form, too.

I’ve also been accepted as a contributor for Ghoulishly Gay: an LGBT+ Monster Zine. As the title suggests, it’s a zine centered around writing and art of LGBT+ monsters. It’s being organized by Elizabeth Saylor (@zee_art_). Creation hasn’t started just yet, but I think I’m gonna like doing this.

In the meantime, I’ve sent pitches for articles to other online publications including Anime Feminist and Cocoa Controller, and I’m waiting on responses.

I’m just…doin’ it all, ain’t I?

3HREE.) My Writing Website

I’ve also been working on a personal writing website for my original fiction where I’ll be posting links to all of my fiction and freelance work because I don’t want this blog to become overcrowded with stuff. The blog title is just my pseudonym, Monte Varrick, and the inaugural post is already up. I plan to post some short fiction up in the coming months. If anyone is interested, I may post one or two here.

But that’s it for me at the moment. I’m going on vacation soon, but that’s not going to stop me from posting. I aim to have a review for Darling in the Franxx up soon, so be on the look out for that, and I’ll talk to you scrubs later!!!


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I blog about things on this here blog that you're reading right now. Things like movies, food, anime, whatever grabs my attention. I'm big into pop culture criticism, so that's mostly what you're going to get here, but I also write short fiction as well as fan fiction, so I may share that with you all some day.

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