7 More Sites for Aspiring Writers

I’m back, scrubs!!! Did you miss me? Well, I missed you all (kinda, sorta, you know what Imma stop lyin’). Since I made my first post about websites to look into if you’re aspiring to write on this here Internet I’ve come across many more that are looking to publish writers of color specifically in both fiction and non-fiction, and I’m going to share them with you all.

*All information comes from each sites respective “About” pages
Sites that pay writers (some sites that may pay are not specific about their rates, so may be without a diamond)

Cocoa Controller

[2] Cocoa Controller

We are a volunteer collective of LGTBQ+ and POC writers dedicated to exploring videogames, comics, anime, and pop culture from an intersectional perspective.

We love art, and how it impacts our viewpoints is important. Movies, comics, and games of all kinds have the potential to shape who we are, and we want to discuss that from a lens that takes into account the interests of marginalized voices. That said, all allies are welcome to pitch for Cocoa Controller.

Accepting pitches on video games, movies, anime, etc.





EFNIKS is a space for queer & trans people of color that exists at the intersection of art, scholarship, and community. As our organization grows, we aim to elevate our voices, share our stories, talk about our issues, represent our culture, cultivate community, preserve our history, and celebrate our joy. We will do this on our website, through our social media channels, and in our outreach and networking events in cities and communities all across the country.

About | Submissions | Let’s Build

Electric Literature

[4] Electric Literature

Electric Literature is a nonprofit dedicated to making literature more exciting, relevant, and inclusive. We are committed to publishing work that is intelligent and unpretentious, to elevating new voices, and to examining how literature and storytelling can help illuminate social justice issues. Our writers and readers are engaged with current events as well as arts and culture.

About | Recommended Reading | Read More Women | Twitter

♦ Foreshadow 

[5] Foreshadow

The purpose of FORESHADOW: A Serial YA Anthology is to offer a unique new online venue for young adult short stories, with a commitment to showcasing underrepresented voices, boosting emerging writers, and highlighting the beauty and power of YA fiction.

Mission Statement | About Us | Submission Guidelines | FAQ | Twitter

Just Add Color

[6] Just Add Color

What I want to promote through JUST ADD COLOR is that YOU MATTER. […] We all deserve to treat ourselves and each other as people in the long haul of life together, and with that level of respect, we come to each other curious about each other and our own life experiences. Here at JUST ADD COLOR, expect to come away learning something you didn’t know before.

About | Work With JAC | Contribute | Twitter

 Race Baitr 

[8] Race Baitr

This space is dedicated to imagining and working toward a world outside of the white supremacist cisheteropatriarchal capitalistic gaze with a particular attention to the function of anti-Blackness. Those who insist on wielding that gaze can call us what you like. We aren’t talking to you.

About | Submissions | Donate & Subscribe | Patreon | Twitter

Writers of Color


We aim to create more visibility for writers of color, ease their access to publications, and build a platform that is both easy for editors to use and accurately represents the writers.

About | Writers | Submit | Twitter

There you go, 7 more writing sites to get on board with. Don’t ever say I don’t look out for y’all.

5 September 2018 Update: This list has been trimmed down to 7 sites instead of ten since some sites are no longer active.

Writing Sites 1 | Writing Sites 3


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