A Schedule of Things

So, there have been a lot of shows that have premiered or ended within the past few weeks that I’ve been wanting to watch, and since I’ve also been wanting to do more “Recap & Review” type of posts, I decided that the month of November is going to be the time when I do this. Here’s a quick run-down of the things i plan on recapping and reviewing this month.

I need to finish watching the last half of Season 2 of My Hero Academia so I can do my super review and commentary; parts two and three are coming this Saturday and Sunday.

Starting today, I’m going to be recapping and reviewing an episode a day for Stranger Things 2, and at the end I’m going to do a composite review of both seasons to talk about the story and characters (’cause I disliked a lot of things about the first season) and what I’d like to see in Season 3.

The Mist miniseries ended in August, and I’d wanted to do a recap of it while it was airing, but school shit got in the way, so after I recap Stranger Things 2 I plan to do an episode-by-episode recap and review of The Mist maybe around the end of November, maybe the 19th to the 28th, just to give myself some time to breathe.

Some time in that week between Stranger Things 2 and The Mist, I’d like to get out my first fan fiction review of shu-of-the-wind’s Swallows on the Beam. Yes, I’m going to review a fan fiction, but contrary to popular belief there are some very talented writers in fandom, and hopefully my reviews will give them the proper encouragement and exposure that those writers deserve.

To quickly summarize my plans for the month of November:

  • November 1 – 9: Stranger Things 2 Recap & Review + Season 1 review
  • November 3 – 4: My Hero Academia S2 Super Review & Commentary Pt. 2 & 3
  • ~November 12 – 18: Swallows on the Beam review
  • November 19 – 28: The Mist miniseries Recap & Review

So those are mein plans for shit I’m watching this November. If you’re interested in any one of my recaps, feel free to leave a comment or look up #VermillionWatches on Twitter. I’m going to try and live tweet my thoughts on what I’m watching, but don’t hold your breath. I’m a train wreck and it will be, too.


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I blog about things on this here blog that you're reading right now. Things like movies, food, anime, whatever grabs my attention. I'm big into pop culture criticism, so that's mostly what you're going to get here, but I also write short fiction as well as fan fiction, so I may share that with you all some day.

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