My Hero Academia S2 Catch-Up Review

I’m hella behind on recapping My Hero Academia because I hesitated for so long about whether or not to even review this series, so I’m just going to review every episode up to last Saturday’s episode 22 (S2E10) so that I can FINALLY catch up. This is gonna be long, so strap yourselves in.


Season 2 Episode 2 (Ep.15) “Roaring Sports Festival”

My favorite thing about this episode is all the scenes of the kids training that were added in. That’s something that’s superb about this season of MHA overall: the addition of scenes that weren’t in the manga really add an extra layer of personality and energy to the show that only animation can add.

We finally got to see my boyfriend Tetsutetsu, and he sounds just as sexy as he looks.

Shinsou sounds like a grown ass man!!!

Mount Lady has no chill.

Present Mic’s voice is A+.

“Salty Gen. Ed. students” is my new aesthetic for 2017.

U.A. is so extra for that Robo Inferno.

Season 2 Episode 3 (Ep.16) “In Their Own Quirky Ways”

Guys, I promise we won’t forget what show we’re watching if you don’t remind us at the beginning of every episode. I swear.

The obstacle race was my favorite part of the Sports Festival, and it’s almost surreal that it’s actually animated with sound and special effects and everything. I loved how well they animated Todoroki’s ice blast; it’s one of the most fluid animations I’ve seen in an anime in a long time.

Poor Eijirou!!!

I’ll admit I was a little disappointed and underwhelmed with the two subsequent obstacles after the Robo Inferno, they really pale in comparison to fighting giant robots. However, I did like seeing Shouji float like a flying squirrel, that was sort of adorable.

Mei’s introduction was the highlight of the episode; she was so hyped and loud and adorable, way more so than I ever imagined her in the manga.

The finale of the race proves that physics and anime cannot coexist.

“Mount Lady in the background taking pictures instead of working security” is my second aesthetic for 2017.

The kids from the business class are adorable as well.

U.A. is STILL SO extra. Ten million points, really?

Even though I’m not a huge fan of this second opening, I LOVE the shows ending. It ws exactly the reverse of last season. The first opening grew on me, but I never really like the ending. So between the two seasons, I’ve got a new opening/ending pair to add to my favorites playlist on YouTube.

Season 2 Episode 4 (Ep.17) “Strategy, Strategy, Strategy”

Bakugou never makes a normal face, does he?

Aizawa took a nap!

I love that All Might called Izuku a crybaby! I’m screamin’!!!

Did anyone else know Dark Shadow had a voice? Because I surely did not.

The most interesting part of the episode was Monoma’s explanation of Class B’s strategy, which I really agree with to an extent. It’s easy to clamor for first place in everything and expect to breeze through a competition when you have such an impressive power set like Class A, but it can put you at somewhat of a disadvantage because you don’t know what to expect of the people coming in behind you. They’ve seen what you can do, but you have no real way to counter them until after you’ve had your ass handed to you. Just because they’re behind you doesn’t mean you should so quickly denounce them. By choosing to stay somewhere in the median, Class B, with Monoma’s strategizing, has shown an ability to predict and plan accordingly to optimize their chances against their opponents, which, ironically, is a point that Class A will have taught to them later in the manga.

It’s an interesting manifestation of what All Might says in Episode 14:

Those who are always aiming for the top, and those who aren’t. That slight difference  in attitudes will have a big impact once you got out into society.

Most people would assume that the narrative is encouraging competition in order to reach the top, therefore (most of) Class B’s actions are a direct anti-thesis to the notion that it has to be the case, because they all managed to get through the obstacle  race and even though the tournament ends up being majorly a Class A cluster-fuck Shiozaki and Tetsutetsu are there as well as Hatsume and Shinsou.

It can also be interpreted as “aiming for the top” not necessarily meaning that only one person can make it, a contradiction to the individualistic nature of Class A and Hero Society as a whole, whereas with Class B (mostly) everyone works together to advance the entire group instead of only doing so when it may be convenient to fuck someone else over.

It’s definitely an interesting dynamic that I may post on my second Tumblr later.

Season 2 Episode 5 (Ep.18) “Cavalry Battle Finale”

However, Monoma severely underestimated Bakugou’s rebound power. Bakugou invented rage induced rampages.

Poor Kaminari…

Izuku needs to stop all that damn screaming.

“Angry Tsuyu” is my third aesthetic for 2017.

Inko is the Most Precious Mom.

Why does poor Izuku sound so terrified in every one of these episode previews?

Season 2 Episode 6 (Ep.19) “The Boy Born With Everything”

It’s pretty painful to see how oblivious All Might is to Endeavor’s searing hatred of him. It’s almost funny. All Might is SO EXTRA for that back flip.

I hate when characters constantly interrupt other characters with questions that get answered literally two seconds later. Izuku, shut up and let Icy Hot finish!

The Todoroki’s mean mugs are on point though!

On that same note, unpopular opinion time!!! I didn’t feel anything when I learned about Shouto’s abuse for the first time in the manga. Up to that point, I’d kind of been annoyed by him because the “super powerful, aloof rival” is an archetype that I cannot stand. Granted, in the manga he’s changed, he’s actually pretty cool now, but throughout the entirety of the Sports Festival arc I didn’t care about him too much and the revelation of his abuse did not make him more sympathetic in my eyes. The reveal didn’t get to me like I’m sure it got to other fans because I’ve seen a lot of anime over my short 20 years, and the medium is rife with abuse tropes. At least one character – main or otherwise – is abused or otherwise neglected in almost every anime and manga that I’ve ever seen. Shinji in Evangelion, Rin in Blue Exorcist, Kallen’s mother in Code Geass, the entire concept of Human Debris and child soldiers in Iron-Blooded Orphans and so, so many more. Suffice to say, fictionalized abuse is over done and often lazily done and it doesn’t phase me anymore.

However, this does introduce what I think is one of the most fascinating character arcs in the series, and that’s Todoroki’s struggle with regaining his personal agency. I think I’ll write a separate post about that on my Tumblr because I like that part of Todoroki’s story so much and that way I can rage at the fans that insist on infantilizing him.

Getting back to the actual episode, I honestly don’t understand how the girls fell for Kaminari and Mineta’s obvious lie, but I guess we “needed” some sort of fan service. They still look cute.

Season 2 Episode 7 (Ep.20) “Victory or Defeat”

Did I mention Shinsou sounds like a grown ass man?!

Man, Mic is really laying it on thick with the “he doesn’t stand out” stuff.

The soundtrack in the beginning of this episode is really creepy.

Iida and Ochako are the real MVP’s. The bestest friends!!!

Izuku’s fight against Shinsou is one of the greatest ironies in the entire series. Shinsou is waxing poetic about being left behind because he doesn’t have a physically powerful Quirk completely oblivious to the fact that Izuku felt the same way because he was born Quirkless. Now, Izuku’s been gifted one of the most powerful Quirks in the world by the most powerful Hero in the world – unpopular opinion #2: I still think Izuku is a special snowflake – allowing him to excel in the physical aspect that Shinsou can’t.

There’s a really good character meta that someone wrote about Shinsou and Aizawa‘s parallels that emphasizes this irony even more.

I love how encouraging Shinsou’s classmates are.

Really, Izuku, he got you three times?

It’s okay, Sero, buddy……………

Season 2 Episode 8 (Ep.21) “Battle On, Challengers!”

Shiozaki, girl, don’t be so literal!

Kaminari, focus my dude!!

Monoma, chill the fuck out!!!

Everybody is so extra; I love Mei.

“Aoyama looking directly at the camera” is my fourth aesthetic of 2017.

Hahahahaha, Mina you didn’t have to do my boy like that, LOL!!! I am SCREAMING!!!!!

Poor Yaoyorozu…

Kirishima is so salty.

“She’s the one I’m rooting for!” I love Mic!

Season 2 Episode 9 (Ep.22) “Bakugou vs. Uraraka”

If they don’t stop with this damn intro…!!!

I 100% believe that if Ochako hadn’t talked so much and released under the cover of the smoke, she could have won. I will stand by that statement until the day I die.

Endeavor’s legs are made from rectangles, oh my God!!!

That was such a lame comeback, Deku.

Up next, Icy Hot versus Busted Hands!!!

Season 2 Episode 10 (Ep.23) “Shouto Todoroki: Origin”

Oh, look, they changed up the fucking intro!!!

The size of the stage changes in every darn scene!

The end of Izuku and Todoroki’s fight was beautifully animated, especially the fire. It definitely isn’t one of the best fights I’ve ever seen, but that small bit was gorgeous. I really felt the heat. Izuku got them hops!

But…unpopular opinion #3: I was not at all moved by “It’s your power!” As a matter of fact, it irritated me for a number of reasons.

Number one, I have a really hard time believing that Todoroki hasn’t ever thought about that at one point or another, especially because his mother says something very similar in one of the flashbacks.

Two, I really don’t like this narrative that is often pushed where survivors of abuse need to be “saved” by someone else from being tragic, stoic, unfeeling loners whose hearts need to be opened up by Words of Encouragement™. I also don’t like how quickly the issue is resolved. We learned about the abuse maybe three episodes ago, but now suddenly Todoroki sees the light.

And again, it’s not even a realization that he really makes on his own, which is my third problem. One of the major appeals of Todoroki for me is his commitment to take back agency and power over his own life. For much of his childhood he’s been at the whims of his father, growing up being told that he’s an extension of a monster who hurt him and his mother, being somewhat isolated from his siblings, and shouldering the burden of being the son of the number two Hero. Every decision that he’s made (and will make) has been a way to reject his father and take some inkling of control over his own life back. I understand that Izuku is supposed to be something of a motivating figure in his class, but why couldn’t Todoroki have come to the conclusion that using only have of his power would hold him back, and why did he have to do it during the Sports Festival Arc when we’ve just been introduced to his personal conflict?

Any who, there’s my super review of the first third of My Hero Academia season 2. I’ll be posting a regular recap & review of episode 11 on Saturday when it actually airs, so be on the look out for that, and as always have a fantastic day!!! BYE!!!


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