A Black-Owned Mini Haul

Thanks to my part-time job as a work-study, I have accrued enough scrilla to be able to buy some trinkets for myself here and there, and what better way to spend that money than on a black-owned business? Cooperative economics and such. I haven’t bought much, but I still want to put it out there so maybe someone else will buy from these businesses. I like seeing small businesses succeed, and I love seeing black people succeed, so if we put two and two together…

All I’ve bought so far are four pairs of earrings and a shirt.

Three of the four pairs came from Toni Daley. You can buy clothes, head wraps, and wigs in addition to jewelry from her website (oh yeah, most of the black-owned businesses that I’ve heard of or bought something from are owned by black women). She’s got a Facebook page, a Twitter, an Instagram, and a YouTube channel, so go check all of that out after you’ve bought a couple of things.

I bought two pair of Chevron earrings, the blue pair and the Rasta pair. They’re hand-painted wood hook earrings, and I love them. I wear them even when I’m not going anywhere. I also bought another pair of wooden earrings with the phrase “Black Lives Matter” carved into them. I’ve wanted something with the mantra on it for sometime now, so Toni Daley definitely answered my prayers. All three pairs are approximately 3 inches in length; the Chevron earrings are $13.50 each and the BLM earrings cost $8.

Toni Daley Chevron

The other pair of earrings that I purchased came from The Wrap Life. As the name implies, their main draw are their gorgeous head wraps, but they also sell jewelry, soaps, oils, and incense under their “Sacred Space” tab. The Wrap Life also has a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and a YouTube channel, so be sure to check all of those out as well!

I bought the Batik Spike Earrings for $24. I adore these things; I wore them the last month of this past semester every single day even if they didn’t match what I was wearing. Of course, they occasionally stuck me in the neck, but pain is beauty and all that.

The Wrape Life Batik Spike Earrings

Bet you want a pair now, huh? Seriously, if you are a head wrap type of chick this is definitely a business you want to spend your money with. Not only are the wraps gorgeous, but they’re inexpensive as well. The most expensive wraps are $32 and those are their True African Head Wraps; the fabric comes straight from Ghana and they’re gorgeous.

On to the last item in this mini-haul. I bought a t-shirt from DOPEciety. They’re a store based in New Orleans that sells clothes like shirts, dresses, and tanks, bags, and art. The shirt I bought is one of their best sellers: the Fulani tee. Their graphic tees all feature Dan masks with other elements photoshopped on to them. My shirt looks like this:

Dopeciety Fulani Tee

And it only costs $35. I plan on getting the other two tees: the Frida’s Flowers tee and the Michela tee hopefully someday. DOPEciety also has Facebook page, a Twitter, and an Instagram, so be sure to follow them on all those things. And buy some merch while you’re at it.

So, there you have it my mini haul of things I’ve bought from black-owned businesses. Spend to your hearts content, but buy responsibly, and as always have a nice day!!! BYE!!!


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